Sustainability and the Environment

Sustainability and Environmental Concerns

We will only source materials from suppliers who are operating within the laws of their own country. With the growing public awareness of the environment and environmental issues, and with many customers specifically requesting certified timber, we stock woods originating from sustainable and correctly managed forests, and in particular FSC certified products. (FSC products have their forest of origin independently inspected and evaluated according to environmental, social and economic criteria agreed by the Forest Stewardship Council AC.)

Information about the main woods and Bamboos we supply.

Plywood - We buy from a supplier that has both FSC & PEFC certificates which show compliance with the Chain of Custody scheme. We can also supply Product Data sheets for the Thin Birch Plywood and the Performance Plywood should these be required.

Bamboo - this not a wood it is a fast growing grass. It has impeccable green credentials and we purchase from a UK supplier that has a a clear Chain of Custody and FSC Certification.  We can also supply Product Data Sheets on the Bamboo we buy. 

Driftwood - the driftwood is collected from beaches and riverbeds and thoroughly cleaned. The very nature of this product demonstrates the ultimate in recycling.  As the trees themselves give up this wood we cannot offer FSC certification as there isn't any forest management to talk of.

Alderwood - this is an American hardwood and is classed as “an abundant, sustainable and legal resource under the United States rule of law.” Virtually every portion of the alder log is used during the lumber manufacturing process. While the lumber is manufactured into furniture or cabinetry, the tree bark becomes mulch and the sawdust is fuel for the mill. Furthermore, it takes less energy to manufacture lumber than it does to manufacture steel, concrete, aluminum, glass, or plastic. Alder trees grow quickly and die relatively young – at approximately 60 years. If a tree dies in the forest it begins to release the carbon it had previously sequestered. By harvesting this prolific tree and manufacturing it into furniture, cabinetry and millwork, carbon remains sequestered for the life of the finished product. It is estimated that each year more than 175 million tons of carbon are stored in wood products. The supply chain for Alderwood is FSC and Chain of Custody certified.

Wood off-cuts and wood waste from our production processes - all of the wood waste we create is collected and dispensed to local businesses and friends to be used as kindling for log fires.